Giving Foster Children a Bed to Call Their Own

Cute little girl sleeping in bed cuddling teddy bear at home in bedroom

We Care Foster Care has provided over 100 beds and cribs to foster families in need

When people are expecting a child through pregnancy, the key word is, “expecting.” Even people who are surprised by a pregnancy have nine months to get the necessities together: diapers, clothing, and a crib for the baby to sleep in.Foster children, on the other hand, are frequently unexpected: family members get a call at midnight telling them that a young relative needs a home right now. At the same time, Michigan’s foster care system requires foster parents to provide the basics, and provide them soon – frequently within days – but the system doesn’t provide the funds to make the larger purchases possible.

Which brings us to We Care Foster Care’s bed program for foster children.  Since January of 2014, the generous support of our funders has allowed us to provide 122 twin beds, 33 cribs, 33 bunk beds, and 4 full beds for foster families in need.

Sometimes, these beds and cribs made it possible for siblings to stay together. Others, a new bed or crib was the difference between a child living with family members or with complete strangers while in foster care. And in other cases, we helped make it possible for children in foster care to go back home to their parents.

After all, foster children are dealing with enough already. They deserve a bed of their own. They also deserve to stay with their siblings, and whenever possible to stay with relatives or family friends who already know them.

Most of all, when their parents – or new, adoptive parents are ready – to take them home, “our” children in foster care shouldn’t have to wait until there’s enough money to buy a bed for them to sleep in.

With all of this in mind, we’d like to thank the funders who have helped “our” foster children sleep snug in their own beds night after night:

These funders purchased beds and cribs for our foster children. Meanwhile, Gardner White and Hayneedle provided significant discounts so our bed program budget went further. And volunteers from Morse Moving (along with many other, individual volunteers) have provided the “muscle” we needed to get these beds delivered.

We Care Foster Care has provided almost two hundred beds in just under two years, but the need is still great.

Virtually every day and night, foster parents – and people who never expected to be foster parents – are being contacted by foster care workers asking if they can take in a child.

And virtually every week, we get a request for a bed or a crib so a foster child can have a home.

We’ll continue looking for grants to fund this program – in the meantime, though, please make a gift of $50, $100, $150 or more to help us purchase beds and other emergency items for Detroit-area foster children. Your support will make a huge difference in the life of a child!


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