I want to give you a bed or other large piece of furniture, but I can’t deliver it. Can you pick items up?

That depends. Sadly, in most cases the answer is no – we do not have the equipment or staff to handle the pick up or delivery of large donations. However, sometimes we can find volunteers with strong backs and pickup trucks, so please email Help Closet Coordinator Sherryl Ausbrooks first (sherrylausbrooks5@gmail.com)!

If you are making your donation in response to a request on our Facebook page or in our e-newsletter, we will put you in touch with the child protective professional in charge of that child or family’s case so the two of you can work out delivery of your gift. In some cases, we are also able to arrange transport of a specially-requested donation as part of our effort to fulfill the request – if that is the case, we will be in touch to make arrangements.