I’ve been contacted by your Communications Specialist asking for a quote from me/from the foster child/family you helped to be used on your Facebook page or in your other marketing efforts. Is this required?

Absolutely not! As you know, we are highly restricted in what we are able to tell our supporters about the foster children and families their donations support. Because of those restrictions we need to work extra hard to make sure donors know that their generosity is making a difference.

With that in mind, we regularly ask the child protective professionals we work with for testimonials – and we ask you to ask the child/children/families in your care that we’ve assisted to provide a testimonial as well. Participation in our marketing efforts is completely voluntary, and at no time will WCFC deny or “skimp” on service to any foster child, family, or child protective professional who declines to participate.

If you want to provide a testimonial for use in FTSG’s marketing efforts, please email Dawn Wolfe.