Why do you always qualify your requests for items by asking for “new/gently-used” only?

Michigan’s foster care system only provides roughly half the actual cost of raising a child – and this includes a minimal amount for essentials like clothing. Many of “our” children in foster care rarely receive anything new – and too many of them enter care with only the clothing on their backs and a few other possessions tossed hastily in a garbage bag.

At the same time, a significant number of foster parents are already living on a low or restricted income when they get the call asking them to take in a child. They are grandparents, other relatives, or even friends of the family who open their hearts and their homes with little notice, and are almost instantly required to buy everything from clothing and diapers to beds with little to no assistance from the foster care system.

Our job as an organization isn’t just to provide these vulnerable children and families with “stuff.” Our goal is to help them thrive, and as part of that we feel they deserve the best that we can give them. That means items that are new, or at least as gently-used as possible.

Please note that we may also need to decline a donation if we’re unable to pick it up, store it, or it is in any way inappropriate for the foster children and families we serve.